ringjo + roimee



5 thoughts on “ringjo + roimee

  1. thanks joey…nasama ako sa wedding pic ni sister..hehehe kahit kinukulot ako dun sa pic…I’m roimee’s sister..hehehe keep up the good masterpieces…=)

  2. your photo creativity by blending the natural light and shadows brings the optimum quality output e.g. angles and other technics without flaws.thumbs up, your superb professiona camera bug
    its worth paid off.


    • sir thank you very much for giving me a chance to be part of your daugther’s wedding roimee.

      i feel great and blessed with all positive comments who also a photographer like you ( bride’s dad ).

  3. Hi joey,

    Thanks for posting our pictures here on your site, as usually we are proud that you covered our wedding. Pinakita na rin namin sa mga kamaganak and friends namin yung blog site mo natuwa sila sa kuha mo very creative and artistic daw. Keep up the good work. oo nga pla i hope nakuha mo rin yung binurn namin na CD para sayo yung rinequest mo sa amin.

    ringjo & roimee

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